Liglass Trading is a Czech Trading and Investment company founded in 2003. In cooperation with our business partners we managed to create a corporate group, which is a known and reliable player in the field of construction and operation of photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants throughout Europe.

About Us

  • Our corporate group with its partners is an experienced player in the renewable energy industry all over the world.

  • We are involved in hydroelectric and photovoltaic projects with cumulative power more than 1 GW in aggregate value of more than 2 Billion USD.

  • We focus on increasing the assets by developing renewable energy sources power plants.

  • Advanced management, broad international network of contacts, and extensive knowledge of power industries are the key to our success.

Investment division
& Construction division

Liglass Trading is divided in two sub divisions according
to their specialization.

Our Team

Michael Smelik

Chairman and President

Michael Smelik obtained a master’s degree from Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Michael Smelik’s first major business achievement was receiving a representation of ONE FOR TWO company, based in Vienna, for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was a multi-level marketing campaign, bringing together up to 600 hotels, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, etc. in the Czech edition of the catalog. Since 1994, he has decided to use the much-expanded OFT logo and expand its activities with OFT Brokers, later becoming the 7th non-bank member of the Prague Stock Exchange, OFT Invest, the real estate investment, OFT Consult, specialized on advising and optimizing financial flows. Since 2007 Michael Smelik’s activities have focused on investing and managing production facilities in energy sector, later on an increasing segment of renewable resources, which continues to date. Current business activities of Michael Smelik include several of its personally-controlled corporate structures. Michael Smelik and his partners have already finished projects with a cumulative volume of 1GW in hydroelectric and photovoltaic power plants. Michael Smelik has recently begun to focus on the Eastern Europe and the Eurasian region, where he intends to become a major player in this highly perspective market.

Juraj Pavol

Chief Investment Officer

Juraj Pavol joined Liglass Trading team in March 2017 and is responsible for business plan creation, validation and presentation. Moreover, Juraj Pavol coordinates all investment activities of the company. Juraj Pavol has 12-year experience in sales and speaks Czech, Slovak, English and Russian. Before joining Liglass Trading as a Chief Investment Officer where he spent major part of his career in big global IT companies such as DELL, HP, EMC. Juraj Pavol started as sales representative growing his career up to district manager for Czech and Slovak market for corporate and public-sector reporting to CEE/EMEA management. His daily agenda was not limited only to sales and forecasting but he was also responsible for creating demand generation, marketing plan and building up channel organization to drive more sales and satisfaction of his customers. He was also chosen as a spokesman on many customer events and partner trainings. Among others, his customers were global institutions such as Citibank, Axa, Volkswagen group, Kia etc.

Jiri Vojtechovsky

General Director for EuroAsia region

Jiri Vojtechovsky joined Liglass Trading team in 2013 as a Partner and Director for EuroAsia market. Jiri Vojtechovsky‘s excellent knowledge of local markets proven to be critical element of communication with government officials. His ability to lead and successfully close negotiations were one among other reasons crucial for Liglass Trading to become a strategic partner of the Kyrgyzstan government on the field of energy production with a promising potential of continuing his success in other countries that consider renewable energy sources for their growth. Jiri Vojtechovsky worked with ESA ltd. (2002-2007), a leader in logistics across Europe with 900 employees, and as a Personal Director with direct responsibility of personnel working in the ESA Group. Furthermore as a Sales and Country manager within ESI Eastern Investment ltd. (2009 – 2013) with main focus of acquisition and implementation of business projects in the markets of Russia and the former Soviet Union (Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Moldova) as well as China or Vietnam. Jiri Vojtechovsky is always searching for new business and investment opportunities for export sales of technological units, especially projects on construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants, plasma incinerators, engineering complexes of various engineering disciplines, and their use on potential markets. Jiri Vojtechovsky coordinates administrative background of new companies established in the countries of investment, including management of local accounting and financial operations. Ability to communicate with authorities, including government officials, is an important attribute of his work. During his professional carrier, Jiri Vojtechovsky has been active in various fields of industry such as automotive industry, logistics, finance and international business. Jiri Vojtechovsky received his degree in Finance and Administration.